Homeschooling Math – Does Your Teaching Add Up?

Your homeschooled child is excited. She has just received a letter from the admissions office of her first choice college and the size and weight of the envelope suggest she has been admitted. The family gathers around the kitchen table to share this special moment with her. She opens the envelope and begins to smile but suddenly falls into a deep frown. You ask what’s wrong and discovers she has been admitted on the proviso she takes remedial math her first semester. What went wrong?

After a brief investigation, you discover that either you did not teach sufficient math units or the math you taught did not meet minimum state requirements. Homeschooling math is vitally important to the future of your child who is homeschooled. All states require several units of math for high school graduation and homeschools are not exempted from such requirements. Parents should familiarize themselves with those requirements because there may be differences between what is required for public schools and private schools. Homeschools oftentimes fall under the same requirements as for private schools.

For instance, in Illinois, homeschooling falls under the requirements for private schools. In the State of California, however, there are no specific graduation requirements for privates schools or most charter schools as well as homeschools. Thus, parents in California would need to contact their affiliated high school or homeschooling association to get the requirements for homeschooling math. Parents are ill advised who “go-it-alone” given the complex array of education requirements from state to state.

Homeschooling is on the increase and affords many opportunities to parents who wish to homeschool their children. Parents should not take likely, however, the awesome responsibility placed upon them to insure that their children receives an education which meets minimum state requirements. Your child’s future depends on you. Do not let your child down. Make sure that your homeschooling math adds up.

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