Homeschool Record Keeping – It’s Not Just Teaching That Matters

When you decided to homeschool your children, you most likely focused on the competency and time required to teach your children the subjects needed for success in life and to comply with state educational requirements. Most likely you did not consider homeschool record keeping requirements.

Every state has some requirements for home school record keeping. Even where the states do not have specific laws that apply to homeschooling, there are other laws which by inference require that homeschools maintain certain records. An example is compulsory attendance laws. All states have laws which require that children between certain ages attend school for so many hours each day and for a certain period of time during the year.

Parents may be required to produce records to prove their children are attending school as mandated by law and that they are attending for the time specified. The failure to do so could result in civil and criminal penalties being assessed against the noncomplying parents.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to comply with state mandated record keeping laws. Many homeschooling associations provide forms for this task as well as instructions on completing them. In addition, some homeschooling supply companies provide record keeping forms free of charge.

There are also various configurations of software available for homeschool record keeping such as Edu-Track Home School and Homeschool Solutions. These software packages are designed to make record keeping easy so that your time can be devoted to teaching and not administrative chores. After all, avoiding bureaucracy is probably one of the factors you considered when deciding to homeschool your children.

It’s not just teaching that matters to the success of your homeschooling and the future of your children’s education. Homeschool record keeping is also a vital element requiring attention.

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